We ensure the realization of electro resistant heating’s of steel materials – for example preheating and the following annealing hen welding steel materials which claim the controlled realization of thermal working – according to the relevant standards of the technological process. The method of the electro resistant heating gets out from the transport of the rating output of the rating elements placed on the heated part by means of rating and radiating directly into this part. It does not deal with the heat being produced on the heated material (induction heating). The thermal process is controlled by means of the system thermocouple – compensation line – controlled unit of the annealing machine. So it deals with the programmed controlled rating which is recorded into the memory of the digital recorder with the possibility of working and recording the course of the thermal cycles. During the electro resistant rating it does not come to the direct contact of the flame with the basic material, it does not come to the direct influencing of the chemical system, of the heated area (for example carbon penetration) and it does not come to the local overheating of material (the possible origin of deformation and pension is eliminated in this way).


The controlled and programmed rating in the practice enables:

  • ensuring the demanded preheating when welding whit keeping the specified heat zone of the temperature interpass,
  • controlled cooling of the welded part when keeping the regimes whit the contact with IRA and ARA diagrams,
  • according to the concrete type of the basic material, its size and thickness of the wall, to state the specified regime of the heat treatment and execute its realization with proving the courses of the heat cycles for the individual welding joints.


The range of using:

  • the heating till the temperatures of about 800 °C – with keeping the specific conditions the heating’s till the temperatures of about 1000 °C.


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